November 9, 2017

The How and Why of a Service Menu

Episode 3 features Brandon and Jeff talking through the How’s and Why’s of the Service Menu.  Yes, I know, you’ve already got one. You’ve tried that.

Think to yourself though:

Are you really using it effectively with every customer who comes into your dealership? 

Do you know the secret to turning those new car customers with their 2 free oil changes into lifelong service customers? 

Do all of your service consultants or sales people give the exact same positive experience to each customer?

Properly creating and utilizing a service menu goes a long way towards fostering customer satisfaction, retention, and dealership success.

Join us as we discuss some of what we’ve learned working with dealerships around the country, and please contact us with any questions about relaunching, or creating your own menu and turning it into an overwhelming success at your store!

All the best,

Brandon and Jeff