November 28, 2016

Fast Food, Fast Service

Why fast food has shaped customers expectations!

We blame blame fast food for a whole array of things, usually all bad! But there have been several revolutionary customer  service ideas that  have spawned from these junk food peddlers.There was a time, not too terribly long  ago where people found something on a menu, ordered  it, and either ate it the  way that it came or removed the parts they didn’t want  themselves. This is just the  way that  it was. A “special order” was not common and  certainly not greeted with enthusiasm. That changed when a certain chain flipped the industry on it’s with their new slogan, “Have it your way”. This  small little marketing idea quite literally created an explosion of customer first mantras. It  quickly became well known that if you wanted to compete you had to give your customer control of their buying experience. The idea of “one size fits all” was essentially dead and a race began to become the most flexible. Who can give the customer exactly what they want? This idea didn’t just impact the food industry, it touched commerce everywhere. A consumer can custom order just about anything for the right price! A small idea can have big implications. Think about that as you approach your day to day work. Small ideas can have big impacts and customers really want to, “Have it  their way”.
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