January 19, 2017


“Stop selling, start helping.” – Zig Ziglar

We are all in the people helping business. A lot of times the help we are trying to provide for them is disguised as a sales opportunity. Our customer wants a carefree, fun to drive, well maintained vehicle. We want to provide them with a carefree, fun to drive, well maintained vehicle. So ultimately we both want the same thing. The disconnect is that we often forget to enthusiastically explain that simple fact, that we are on the same team. If what we were both after took zero time and had zero cost, we certainly wouldn’t have any trouble convincing our customers to follow a basic maintenance plan. But, it isn’t free and it takes time. So that is where we have to master the craft of tactfully explaining the value.
Order of operations
1) Passionately explain to the customer why you recommend taking care of their vehicle, that you want what they want (a great, long lasting trouble free vehicle)
2) Enthusiastically tell them how they can get that (how regular maintenance and fluid services can prolong the life of vital components)
3) While maintaining the excitement built up earlier, explain what they have to do (how often, how long, how much it cost)
If you’ve built proper value and truly earned your customers trust, the money and time are outweighed by the prospect of a well maintained vehicle.
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