November 29, 2016

How effective is your plan?

What is the first to go when we get too busy?

What happens to your process when things get hectic? Are you still taking the needed time with each guest? Do you have to cut corners to make sure that everyone gets helped? Do you provide less value  to each guest just to get it all done? If we are being honest with ourselves, we all change our game when the lane is too busy. But why? We know what it takes to give great customer service and we know what we get in return. So why on the days where we have the most opportunity for success do we walk away from our most successful process? It all comes back to an old Mike Tyson quote, “Everyone has a plan until they get hit in the mouth.” If our “plan” doesn’t work when we have a lot of guests, then it isn’t a very good plan to begin with! If this is you, let’s work on developing a plan that allows us to function on our most opportune days.

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