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Hours Per Ro

This group has strong individual and group average hours per RO of 2.75. Anything above 2.5 is considered high in this market and indicates a strong ability to present and sell. This number reflects my observation that the service advisors are quality sales people with knowledge of their products.

Effective Labor Rate

The ELR is lower than average at $76.55 for the quarter. An average of $85.00 is typical in their market. This statistic was not a surprise to upper management as they have made a conscious decision to have lower pricing on certain common services.

Maintenance Penetration

The overall MP% is low for an import brand at 14.43% for the quarter. In their market, an average import store sits around 30%. In this case, I believe the issue is in the amount of items available to offer and not due to poor salesmanship.

Dollars Per RO

This store carries an above average dollar per RO statistic. Even with carrying a lower than average effective labor rate, the hours per ro average still brings the average ticket over the standard mark.

Additional Services

This store does a fantastic job selling alignments. I can safely assume this is largely due to their write up process that includes an alignment check for each vehicle. In terms of additional services the alignment total is the only one that sticks out as being far above average.

Current Fixed Operations Statistics Composite Score: 6.4/10

 The composite score assigns point values to each measurable Key Performance Indicator, i.e. Effective Labor Rate, Hours Per Ro, Maintenance Penetration Percentage

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