January 16, 2017


“To sell well is to convince someone else to part with resources, not to deprive that person, but to leave them better off in the end.” – Daniel H. Pink

Every time we sell something we are asking our clients to give up a valuable resource in exchange for something that we have. Our job is to explain to that person how what we have is more valuable than their money in the long term. If what we had to offer was free, obviously this task would be much easier. But we as humans have been conditioned to believe that monetary value and actual value are the same thing. For example a car is better than a bike, because a brand new mid range car costs much more than a brand new mid range bicycle. This perceived value idea fails when we encounter someone that has different needs. For example, a person with 2 brand new cars and 0 bicycles will probably value a new bike higher than another new car(for which he has no need or use for). When we are selling we have to learn to sell to the individual. We cannot sell only what we see value in based on our own lives. This is why it is important to engage your customer mentally, learn what they need/want, and present items that have value to them. While this idea seems simple, the most common act of a salesperson is to sell what they themselves would buy. You’re not the customer!
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